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  • Head Office

    G.P.O. Box 23724
    Kathmandu, Nepal

    Phone: +977 9800 950 442
    Email Address:

    Jhapa Contact

    Jhapa, Nepal

    Phone: +977 9800 950 442
    Email Address:

  • India Contact

    Darjeeling More
    Siliguri, India

    Phone: +91 9126 412 265
    Email Address:

    Czech Republic Contact

    Hradešínská 35/2335
    110 00 Prague 10, Czech Republic

    Phone: +420 7763 912 60
    Email Address:

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We offer comprehensive range of services with carefully chosen methodology and resources. Having wide range of partners and service providers locally our clients will receive the best offers & services to satisfy their needs.

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YETI Service & Consulting

G.P.O. Box 23724, Kathmandu, Nepal

Phone : +977 9800950442

Email: info[@]